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Princeton Suites offers short term furnished rental Edmonton designed to accommodate all of your individual needs; the short term rental in Edmonton is the ultimate urban retreat. Sophisticated, convenient and supremely comfortable, this unique hotel residence will captivate you with outstanding service and a vibrant culture. For extended periods away from home, you need all the comforts of home which most hotels lack.

Location may be the most important factor for most business travelers. Princeton Suites it understands its the importance for its guests short term rentals Edmonton to be conveniently located to their place of business in that a car rental can be avoided. Good public transportation can make up for this; however, no one wants to be on the bus or subway for too long. Princeton Suites offers short term rentals in Edmonton impeccably located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, our Edmonton short term rental give you access to countless amenities and to the city’s core business, entertainment and shopping districts within minutes.

Princeton Suites is a leading provider of luxury, short term condo rentals in Edmonton that are well appointed, conveniently located and competitively priced. Our luxury short term apartment rentals include one, two and three bedroom short term apartment and short term condo rentals in Edmonton.

A cost-effective and more personal alternative to staying at a hotel, Princeton Suites serves the needs of business and leisure travelers, along with people relocating or looking for short term rentals that can function as their home away from home.

Princeton Suites short term apartments in Edmonton are actually short term condos with the full capacity of what a home provides. Full kitchens with even dishwashers, living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, along with many advantages hotels do not offer. The short term rentals in Edmonton offer upscale living conditions, such as sophisticated décor, furniture, and sometimes even beautiful scenic views overlooking the city.

Many people have the option of staying a few weeks; months and can even stay for years at our Edmonton short term rentals. Business executives or people who have jobs that require long- term contracts away from home also take advantage of our Edmonton short term rentals in Edmonton. These guests’ often bring their families down to visit them when they are on a long- term stay as well.

For more information on short term rentals in Edmonton please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or better yet, give us a call at 780-990-1551.

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