Edmonton Extended Stay Suites

When you are planning an extended stay trip, the last thing you want to do is compromise when selecting a quality Edmonton extended stay suite. Princeton Suites’ extended stay suites Edmonton can make sure your every need is met – providing you with the comforts and conveniences of a fully furnished residence, and the luxury and flexibility of a Edmonton hotel stay. Our Edmonton extended stay suites offer you a spacious and immaculate home away from home in Edmonton, all without the nightly expenses of a hotel, or the need for a residential lease.

Princeton Suites’ goal is to make your stay in Edmonton as convenient and stress-free as possible. Our extended stay suites are situated in 12 of Edmonton’s best locations – giving you the option of residing in a selection of beautiful and secure suburbs, Edmonton’s central business district, or in the middle of Edmonton’s most exciting tourist destinations.

The furnishings and facilities available in our Edmonton extended stay suites are always immaculate and designed to give you a true feeling of home. Attention to detail, state of the art technology, and luxurious furnishings are hallmarks of the extended stay experience you get at Princeton Suites. All of our Edmonton extended stay suites are equipped with High speed internet, phone service with answering machine (includes 1000 minutes of long distance call time throughout Canada and the United States), and LCD TV with DVD for your communication and entertainment needs.

The spacious living areas and facilities of our extended stay suites for rent in Edmonton offer you every amenity of home – you will find your kitchen stocked with high-end cutlery and appliances, your bathroom stocked with environmentally friendly bath and vanity products, and all furnishings of the highest quality. When staying in one of our Edmonton extended stay suites you can be confident that you will only need to pack your personal essentials to feel right at home, and that the spacious and immaculate living areas have everything you would expect in a fully furnished residential apartment.

Guests of our Edmonton extended stay suites also have access to our vast selection of personalised concierge services, including child and infant equipment, dry cleaning services, courier and mail deliveries, a personal masseuse, meal deliveries, travel and tourism services, including car rental and airport pickup, and many more time-saving and luxury options.

Renting one of Princeton Suites’ extended stay suites Edmonton means personalised comfort and convenience, with many specialised, luxury services at your fingertips. All concierge services are available by request during your stay, or you can discuss any specific needs you have with us prior to booking.

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